About Us

Christine & Yves have extensive experience handling performance horses in dressage, show jumping, western pleasure, cutting and reining. They have successfully competed in Europe, the US and Australia.

Christine is a former member of the French and Belgium National Teams in reining and cutting which competed in the US in Oklahoma and Houston in 1991 and 1992 and she was a foundation member and secretary of the NRHA and AQHA in France.

Yves began his equestrian pursuits in earnest at Boarding School in France as a teenager in dressage and show jumping. He has worked as a stockman, breaking in wild horses and Became first interested in Quarter Horses in the late 1980’s when attending reining and cutting Clinics in France. Yves first visited Tamworth in 1991 spending time with Cutting Trainer David Harvey and in 1997 spent three months in the US working with reining trainer Joe Hayes.

PPH has some exceptional young talent in training which is going to be very exciting to watch. We are looking forward to interesting times ahead. Please take time to look at our NEWS page to see the success of our progeny in the showing pen.

PPH also regularly export horses of all breeds overseas on behalf of clients, as the PPH 16 stable complex is an approved quarantine facility.


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