Welcome to PPH (Pacific Performance Horses) for the best of both worlds and an investment in the future.

Christine Bayer & Yves Cousinard established Pacific Performance Horses PPH in South East Queensland in 2002 to breed and train quality cutting and reining horses and add an international flavor to cutting and reining in Australia.

Their program focus’s on accessing the very best US sires for their mares, with progeny from the exceptional horses ‘Wimpys Little Step’ ‘Einsteins Revolution’ ‘Who Whiz It’ ‘Smart Spook’ ‘Sophisticated Catt’, ‘Smart Lil Ricochet & Triple Crown Champion ‘Not Ruf At All’.

As Sires are only one part of the genetic equation, PPH mares have been carefully chosen and represent only the very best quality blood lines such as from Wimpys Little Step, Docs Spinifex , Cuttabars Colonel, Smart Peppy Doc, Kings Phillip, Playboy Roy and Proud To Be An Okie.

Whilst there are many well bred Australian Sires the international program at PPH will only help improve the genetic gene pool and add to the quality of horses in competition in Australia. The PPH program is selective, focusing on quality not quantity.

In this way PPH can provide the best individual care and attention to each horse , encouraging them in either discipline, or as is often the case, in both cutting and reining when this aptitude is apparent.

Invest In The Future…